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Script to save as JPG, more easily...

As explained on the How to save as a JPG page, the developer-powers-that-be have opted to make saving an image in any format other than GIMP native (xcf) require the user to EXPORT the image, rather than save it. This requires a couple extra steps, and also leaves the image "dirty", meaning that after you export, GIMP believes changes have not really been safely saved, so it will stop and ask you if you want to save it before closing.

Just another annoyance for those of us not saving separate layers to xcf.

I had thought, when GIMP 2.8 was released and I noticed this "feature", that this was an obvious cludge and would be complained about and corrected in short order. I stand corrected.

I sent my daugher a fixed-up laptop for Christmas with the latest GIMP and all the extras, and she emailed me that with the new GIMP she can't save a JPG anymore. And she used to use the GIMP a lot. So it was a bit of a wake-up call for me to do a little something, if possible.

Akkana Peck has a python plugin which I used with some success... I basically did a lot of tweaking to make it functional enough for my (and hopefully other people's) general use. It differs from "export" in that it renames the file to a JPG and leaves the image "clean" so you don't get the unsaved warning from GIMP after an export, And it differs from Peck's original by giving some added info and a quick dialog to set quality/comment and it always saves as a JPG and always lets you know where it's saving it to. If the file had not previously been saved it will open a dialog to save to the user desktop (but you can change this...) Below are screenshots of the plugin in use. (The first image is on my Absolute Linux machine, the second 2 images are screenshots off Windows 7.)

First, where it shows up in the file menu:

Then, when you select the plugin it will ask for image quality setting and give you a bit of info. Also has a space to put in a hidden comment if you would like...

And then it will ask for a name/location for the file. Files in another format will be renamed with a JPG extension, in same start directory as the original image opened. Images not previously saved will be named "UNTITLED.jpg"" and the start directory for saving will be the user's desktop.


plugin info:
File name:
Version 1.1


To install the file system-wide,
C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins

Per user
gimp settings are in a hidden folder,
so you have to go to folder options and show hidden folders

on Win7 or Vista:

on XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins

Added Windows note: Sometimes when you drag-n-drop files it works better if you view the folder you are dragging to as a list.


To install the file system-wide,

Per user
gimp settings are in a hidden folder,
so you have to go to folder options and show hidden folders


Added note on Linux: make sure the file has permissions set to executable.

Save As PNG:

Kevin Thomer wrote me that he found the script useful, and in addition that he had tweaked the script to save PNG files quickly, saving himself some more time. Excellent.

You can find his script here:

So what else do you want?

Give it a shot. If you have any ideas or complaints, sent me an email

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