a tribute and my humble contribution
of brushes, scripts and information for
the GNU Image Manipulation Program

File formats supported by the GIMP

Open / Save :

* GIMP XCF, the native format (.xcf, or compressed as .xcf.gz or .xcf.bz2)
* GIMP brush (.gbr, .gpb, and animated as .gih)
* GIMP pattern (.pat)
* GIMP compressed XJT image (.xjt, .xjtgz, .xjtbz2)
* Alias | Wavefront PIX image (.pix, .matte, .mask, .alpha, .als)
* Scalable vector graphics for exporting paths (.svg)
* Autodesk flic animations (.fli)
* Digital Imaging + Communications in Medicine (.dcm or .dicom)
* PostScript documents (.ps, .eps, or compressed as .ps.gz)
* FITS astronomical images (.fits, or .fit)
* Scalable vector graphics for exporting paths (.svg)
* Microsoft Windows icon (.ico)
* Microsoft Uncompressed AVI Video (.avi)
* Windows bitmap (.bmp)
* Paintshop Pro image (.psp or .tub)
* Adobe Photoshop PSD (.ps)
* PNM image (.pnm, .ppm, .pgm, and .pbm)
* Compuserve GIF images and animations (.gif)
* JPEG photos (.jpeg, .jpg, or .jpe)
* PNG (.png)
* KISS CELL (.cel)
* Tagged Image File Format (.tiff or .tif)
* TARGA (.tga)
* Silicon Graphics IRIS image (.sgi, .rgb, .bw, .icon)
* Sun Rasterfile image (.im1, .im8, .im24, .im32, .rs, .ras)
* X bitmap image (.xpm, .icon, or .bitmap)
* X pixmap image (.xpm)
* X window dump (.xwd)

Open, no save:

* PDF document (.pdf)
* G3 Fax (.g3)
* Windows WMF file (.wmf, .apm)

Save, no open:

* HTML as a table with coloured cells (.html)
* C source files as an array (.c or .h)
* MNG animations (like animated GIFs, but using PNGs) (.mng)
* gzip compressed image (.xcf, xcf.gz, .xcfgz)
* bzip compressed image (.xcf, xcf.bz2, .xcfbz2)
* ascii image (if aalib is present) (.txt, .ansi, .text)
. . . and if Perl support is present the following:
* DATAURL (embed image into HTML, best looking of the embedded
variety, works great in Firefox and Opera, but not IE) (.dataurl)

* COLORHTML, COLORXHTML (interesting but useless) (.colorhtml, .colorxhtml)
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