a tribute and my humble contribution
of brushes, scripts and information for
the GNU Image Manipulation Program

Cursor brushes


Cursor Brushes - 1.0
Initial release (don't see any need for a "beta phase" :)

To install:
Stick them in the GIMP brushes folder and either
"refresh brushes" or restart the GIMP.
I put them in the system-wide folder,
on my Slackware machine this folder is located at:

You should also have a local brushes folder at:

On Windows this should be:

Cursor brushes continues my contribution
to my image editor of choice, the GIMP.

Seems basic things like cursors
(most used for help-style pages) are often lacking.
I find lots of fancy, useless stuff -- much of it
of real artistic merit -- but, as I said, impractical.

I blew the weekend making these brushes.
Granted much consists of "prior art", but there
was a good deal of editing involved. I even made
the "Cursor Mouse" from scratch :)

Use them for anything you'd like.
If you redistribute them,
please include this file.

I post these, and perhaps make updates, at
All the items will also be included (in png format)
at, the Public Domain clipart site.


Paul Sherman

Here they are in the brushes toolbox

And here they are full size:

ADDITIONAL TIP re: transparent brushes:

You may have to click (apply) them more than once, especially on certain colors. Below is an example of the "Cursor Hourglass Transparent" applied one, two and three times.


format: zip file
size: 32k
md5sum: f909431fc3bcb43b7f615dcb7399ec6d
format: bz2 file
size: 18k
md5sum: b46ee1db379a4f5da8a90c8c6d8b4428
download: cursor_brushes-1.0.tar.bz2

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