a tribute and my humble contribution
of brushes, scripts and information for
the GNU Image Manipulation Program

Circle brushes


Circle Brushes - 1.0
Initial release

To install:
Stick them in the GIMP brushes folder and either
"refresh brushes" or restart the GIMP.
I put them in the system-wide folder,
on my Slackware machine this folder is located at:

You should also have a local brushes folder at:

On Windows this should be:

Circle brushes are my third brush
collection for use in the GIMP.

It was 'brush week' for me :)

Making circles is a bit of a pain with
the GIMP. I know the Make a circular selection,
fill it black, shrink it, fill it white thingy --
but come on already... if I can 'rubber stamp' a
premade circle brush where I need it instead,
wouldn't that be kinda nice?

These were fairly easy, in theory. I had to add
a bit of extra feathering to the above technique to
get nice circles in all the sizes. Also several 45-degree
rotations which smoothed out a lot of upper-end noise.

I also tried exporing from Inkscape, but the paths I
converted to bitmaps did not work out as well as I had
hoped and wound up sticking with the GIMP to create all
of them.

Sizes I made are:
6,12,15,20,24,30,40,50,60,80,100,140,200,300,400,500 and 600.
Use them for anything you'd like.
If you redistribute them,
please include this file.

I post these, and perhaps make updates, at
All the items will also be included (in png format)
at, the Public Domain clipart site.


Paul Sherman

And here they are full size, without the larger ones:

ADDITIONAL TIP re: When using very small brushes:

You may find jagged edges, even when brushing porperly. This will likely be due to mouse movement. To stop this, zoom in the image to make what you are putting in very large. You can also hold the mouse securely with one hand and gently tap the left mouse button. (This eliminates any mouse movement.)


format: zip file
size: 80k
md5sum: 6a078eda7ed2c28bd6ebe3a9c9f2d417
format: bz2 file
size: 42k
md5sum: a3e153bb5ca12709a0fc2095761708ee
download: circle_brushes-1.0.tar.bz2

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