a tribute and my humble contribution
of brushes, scripts and information for
the GNU Image Manipulation Program

Checkmark brushes


Checkmark Brushes - 1.0
Initial release

To install:
Stick them in the GIMP brushes folder and either
"refresh brushes" or restart the GIMP.
I put them in the system-wide folder,
on my Slackware machine this folder is located at:

You should also have a local brushes folder at:

On Windows this should be:

Checkmark brushes are my fourth brush
collection for use in the GIMP.

I love 'em !

Just another item I like to have around,
because if I need a little something, I
don't want to make a small idea for an image
enhancement into a major side project --
which making or finding a good-looking
checkmark can be.

I realize most folks use brushes for more artistic
purposes than as a &quot;rubber stamp&quot;, but
let's face it, if we want to get things done in a
timely fashion, it behooves us to have simple tools
and objects at our disposal.

Since checkmarks will vary only so much, I decided
to go ahead and make some of these in color. (Kind
of makes a separate package of them worthwhile.
(Although most folks would find it easy enough to
change the HUE/SATURATION on their own.)
Use them for anything you'd like.
If you redistribute them,
please include this file.

I post these, and perhaps make updates, at
All the items will also be included (in png format)
at, the Public Domain clipart site.


Paul Sherman

Here they are in the brushes toolbox

And here are most of them full size:

(click for ful-sized image)


format: zip file
size: 95k
md5sum: 49ddb74aeb0b0f6aa46eb53c7a042a03
format: bz2 file
size: 66k
md5sum: 4d656fe6cfb2a8f4752ee61eb9eb0ce4
download: checkmark_brushes-1.0.tar.bz2
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