a tribute and my humble contribution
of brushes, scripts and information for
the GNU Image Manipulation Program

What is

An unofficial GIMP website, and a personal homage to my favorite computer program. I post stuff that I made or tweaked for the GIMP (brushes and scripts) -- as well as some brief tutorials detailing how to get some things done . . . and most of them have video demos to help make all the words easier to put into use.

What is the GIMP?

The GNU image Manipulation Program. A free (as in GPL-ed) image editor. From simple photo editing to the most complex image-based project, if you can do it with pixels, you can probably do it with the GIMP.

GIMP is a very powerful raster image program. It is most commonly used for web illustrations, family photos and school projects. I have been using GIMP since the late 90s and had previously owned a few editions of Photoshop, vestiges of my years as a newspaper and freelance photographer. It has become MUCH more stable in the last couple years -- and I know because I am able to use it for several hours a day.

So what do I know?

That is a legitimate question. I am not a GIMP programmer nor am I any longer a professional illustrator (if you even counted the photography previously mentioned.) I am a fan and a user of both Open Source software in general and the GIMP in particular. This can be demosnstrated by the websites I have:

  • Most of my time is spent on WPClipart, which is an ad-supported collection of high-quality, Public Domain clipart images and photographs optimized for use in word processors and output by inkjet printers. Every image in the collection was created or edited to some degree in the GIMP, and there are currently over 27,000 images on the site.

  • The Open-Source aspect of my fandom also shows on two other sites, both hosted on my pcbypaul server. Absolute Linux is my personal Slackware Linux modification. It is available for download and is supported by email and an online forum. And finally there is the Open Source software I made and make available on the pcbypaul site. (It is pcbypaul because fixing PCs is I do to pay the bills.)

  • If you are still curious, I sleep very little and I perpetuate the look of the Open-Source, hippie stereotype. -- But I make it work :)

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