An unofficial GIMP website, and a personal homage to my favorite computer program. I post stuff that I made or tweaked for the GIMP (brushes and scripts) -- as well as some brief tutorials detailing how to get some things done . . . and most of them have video demos to help make all the words easier to put into use.

What is the GIMP?

The GNU image Manipulation Program. A free (as in GPL-ed) image editor. From simple photo editing to the most complex image-based project, if you can do it with pixels, you can probably do it with the GIMP.

GIMP is a very powerful raster image program. It is most commonly used for web illustrations, family photos and school projects. I have been using GIMP since the late 90s and had previously owned a few editions of Photoshop, vestiges of my years as a newspaper and freelance photographer. It has become MUCH more stable in the last couple years -- and I know because I am able to use it for several hours a day.

So what do I know?

That is a legitimate question. I am not a GIMP programmer nor am I any longer a professional illustrator (if you even counted the photography previously mentioned.) I am a fan and a user of both Open Source software in general and the GIMP in particular. This can be demosnstrated by the websites I have: