a tribute and my humble contribution
of brushes, scripts and information for
the GNU Image Manipulation Program


  • Script-fu package update - 42nd release
    Tuesday, 09/29/2015:

    Updated for GIMP-2.8.14,
    a few additions, a few tweaks.
    119 scripts

    Get the Scripts

  • Script-fu Pages
    Wednesday, 02/12/2014

    While updating the gimp scripts and retesting on 2.8.10, I have finally made real headway in creating individual pages and download links for each and every script, with example images and screenshots of dialogs.

    Check out the Scripts

Why can't I save anything as a JPG??!!

  • After all these years, and all the great things so many of us users have said about the GIMP, you'd think the developers would not do anything so BONE-HEADED as to make simply saving a file as a JPG so difficult and counter-intuitive. But somehow, they managed. So without further ado -- the how-to I never thought I'd have to write...

    How to save your picture as a JPG in GIMP-2.8

    And here's a little script-fu to save you some time:

    Save as JPG script-fu


  • Script-fu package update - 40th release
    Sunday, 05/06/2012:

    Updated for GIMP-2.8
    106 scripts

    Get the Scripts

  • Script-fu package update - 39th release
    Sunday, 04/22/2012:

    Added 8 scripts, includes a little utility script to I wrote to speed up color tool loading (by clearing previous settings). Others are mostly working scripts I added that I use and simply want to keep track of...

  • Script-fu package update - 38th release
    Monday, 01/16/2012:

    Corrected error in FU_artist_cutout.scm
    (Thanks to bug report by Bryan Wagner)

  • help section was down
    Monday, 10/17/2011:

    It won't cost me anything extra to mirror the help download and pages, so I will continue to make them available from this site. See for the official GIMP help pages as well as alternate languages.

    The English help download available here:

    To view online:
    GIMP Help Manual (English, local mirror)

  • Script-fu package update - 37th release
    Friday, 09/09/2011:

    Added FU-create-new_circletext, to make text in an arc or circle.
    For use with GIMP-2.6 series.

  • Script-fu package update - 36th release
    Tuesday, 08/26/2011:

    Updates to work with the BETA of GIMP-2.7.3.
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS if you are using the stable GIMP (2.6 series.)

  • Script-fu package update - 35th release
    Tuesday, 01/04/2011:

    Simply updates documentation of where to install files on Windows.

  • Script-fu package update - 34th release
    Monday, 01/03/2011:

    34th release renames all internal procedure calls to eliminate errors due to conflicts with older versions of scripts that may have been downloaded by users. Also a few minor corrections, eliminating layer removal when finishing up some scripts led to effects being lost. Also added Edges > Transparent Frame.

  • Added Star Brushes
    Wednesday, 11/03/2010:

    Wanted stars for making election-button clip art, could not find anything small and crisp, so I made a few more brushes.

  • Script-fu package update - 33rd release
    Sunday, 10/17/2010:

    33rd release - fixed undefined variable (l-orig-selection) when using a growing selection.

  • Script-fu package update - 32nd release
    Sunday, 10/17/2010:

    32 release has a couple "bug fixes"
    re-added needed presets and fixed install information

  • Script-fu package update - 31st release
    Friday, 10/15/2010:

    Re-instated 2 of the 5 removed scripts due to request

  • Script-fu package update - 30th release
    Friday, 10/15/2010:

    release has 3 new scripts, 5 removals and 8 updates
    Circle-Creator and Arrow are the most noteworthy additions.

  • Script-fu package update - 29th release
    Monday, 09/27/2010:

    release updates FU_shapes_cd-mask.scm
    adds ability to adjust inner diameter (by %)

  • Script-fu package update - 28th release
    Sunday, 09/26/2010:

    release updates FU_edges_photo-border-fancy.scm
    Script now gives message to convert to RGB, rather than cause an error (or, as in most other scripts, simply be grayed out and not functional.)

  • Script-fu package update - 27th release
    Thursday, 09/24/2010:

    release updates FU_edges_fuzzy-border.scm
    (Resolves a naming conflict)

  • Script-fu package update - 26th release
    Thursday, 09/09/2010:

    FU_colorize-prep updated, converts to RGB if necessary and does not flatten alpha layers. Also on site pages, I needed to updated individual script download links. The last update (with change in script naming conventions) left things a bit fraggled -- I will get back to finishing the script description pages shortly.

  • Script-fu package update
    Saturday, 07/24/2010:

    See ReadMe on scripts page for important note regarding changed naming conventions. 3 removals, couple additions, all re-tested on GIMP-2.6.10.

  • New Brushes
    Monday, 01/18/2010:

    Hand Pointer Brushes
    Simple but often useful, transparent (so you can use them on colored stock) and pointing in eight (8) directions (up, down, left, right, NE, NW, SW, SE)
    hand pointer brushes

  • Added New Script
    Monday, 01/01/2010:

    Glass Selection
    Makes any shaped selection into a piece of transluscent glass.
    Find it under "Effects Selection" in the individual script pages.
    glass selection script

    Also -- pulled out old tutorials and will now finally get to finishing all the pages for the individualscriipts that are otherwise orphaned. I will also try to find any that may have eventually been updated in the GIMP script repository. Please let me know if you find any such . . .

  • Added Button Arrow brushes
    Monday, 09/21/2009:

    Pack of 24 brushes
    circular buttons in 6 colors
    smooth, trasparent edges
    white outlined arrow inside each:
    up, down, left, right.

  • Added Action Arrows brushes
    Thursday, 08/06/2009:

    Pack of 10 brushes, just a nice large and colorful arrow that could ber useful in documents/flyers. Will also available as PNG images from WPClipart in the signs_symbol/arrows section very shortly.

  • Added Black Gloss Arrow brushes
    Thursday, 02/12/2009:

    Pack of 16 brushes, fairly large at about 200 pixels -- but they are very crisp and scale well if you need them smaller. Originals were SVG from OpenClipart by user "rg1024", also available as PNG images from WPClipart in the signs_symbol/arrows section.

  • Site Updates
    Wednesday, 02/11/2009:

    Updated TOOLBOX page with new sitemap for latest version. Shows each tool along with a brief description when you mouse-over them. Helpful if you have not yet installed the GIMP but want to know how it works and what all the fuss is about.

    Slowly making individual Script-Fu pages with lots of screenshots to demonstrate the settings and effects of each plug-in. 'Cause let's facce it -- the average person downloads a pack of about 100 plug-ins, it can be a real time-consuming hassle to figure out what each one does and how the settings affect the output.

  • Script-fu package update
    Friday, 01/02/2009:

    water-paint-effect.scm -- simply named new layer (when user chooses not to flatten) to "Watercolor layer" to make adjustments more obvious.

  • Script-fu package update
    Friday, 12/28/2008:

    water-paint-effect.scm -- added "Flatten Image when complete" option to dialog. Had previously merged the "subtracted" layer automatically, now you can leave on a separate layer to adjust effect, if desired.

  • Script-fu package update
    Friday, 12/26/2008:

    artist-pastel.scm -- added "Flatten Image when complete" option to dialog, changed option default values and corrected spelling errors.

  • Script-fu package update
    Sunday, 12/21/2008: Corrected initialization error in thre Color/Saturation/Lighten-Saturate script. Guess it slipped past me in the last large update.

  • Script-fu package update
    Tuesday, 12/16/2008: 20th release, and 5th update since the release of the GIMP-2.6.x series. This is a large update including an overhaul of script internal documentation, bug fixes, some added features -- 94 scripts wit 112 effects all tested on GIMP-2.6.3. Download from the bottom of the scripts download page.

  • More Arrow Brushes
    Friday, 12/12/2008: Added 16 color arrows and have now broken the BW/color downloads into 4 packages. Two BW and two color. Also wrote better install instructions and put in a proper (GPL3) license -- a fellow GIMP user asked the developers if the arrows could be incorporated into the GIMP, and they responded that the licensing was unclear. So I am trying to accommodate. Would be neat if they became standard in the GIMP.

  • Python-FU
    Thursday, 10/23/2008: Started posting Python scripts, starting with a request to furnish a preview screen for the high-pass-sharpen script. Check it out at the:
    new Python-FUs page.

Older News

for GIMP 2.4.x users

  • You may have noticed some SCRIPT-FUs (a lot) no longer work when you upgrade the GIMP. Moving from 2.2 to 2.4, the scripting engine itself was changed. And of course, with each GIMP update some of the underlying programming calls and parameters are changed. This is a normal process in software development. I spent some time getting my favorites back into working shape (I'm not the original author of most of these..)

    In Oct '07 I posted 26 scripts, but they have been increasing in number and refinement with every release. I also continue to update deprecated code, tweak to make sure they are only "active" for the image mode they are appropriate for, fix little glitches like leaving undo steps unaccounted for, etc.

    I update these as often as needed, when I can and I compressed them into both a zip and bz2-ed package (same, just compressed different) for folks to download. (No installer or anything, just plop them into your GIMP scripts folder.)

  • Freetype plugin (used to angle/stretch text into images) is reported missing in the Windows 2.4.3 version of the GIMP. Happily, PhotoComiX over on DeviantART compiled it and put it in a download at:

    Includes usage tutorials in both English and Italian. Flatteringly, the tutorial from this site freetype plugin usage is included as a PDF.

  • Printing - For Linux users, get the gutenprint package rather than the old gimp-print, if that's what you were using. You will need it. (It is nicer anyway. :)

Site Development

  • Scripts and brushes are keeping my free time very occupied. I am not sure whether to focus more on the scripts (with individual download, link and description pages) or go back to working on tutorials, mentioned below.

  • Trying to find the time to make better video demos. These will be AVI files (instead of flash) and include labels inside the videos for the step-by-step. I have already tested this (using ffmpeg and imagemagick and xvidcap) and it is MUCH better than what I have so far. Just very time-consuming. I'll get to it, just don't know how soon.
"Official" Help